The project "Tugan elge tagzym"

The project "Teenage Voice"

The project "Young writers"

In 2012, Nazarbayev Intellectual schools started their own patriotic project – regionall history research expedition “Tugan elge tagzym”.


The project expeditionary group makes a visit almost all regions of the country, exploring their flora and fauna, memorials, historical significance, culture, innovative objects, architecture facilities and more.


According to the results of the expedition, a competition of scientific projects and creative works is held among the participants.


In 2021, the award collection of the International School of the city of Nur-Sultan was replenished with a Cup for the first place in the “Tugan elge tagzym”.


You can learn more about the scientific projects and creative works of the contestants at the link: https://nis-kz.libguides.com/c.php?g=696065&p=4996544

The project “Teenage Voice” will provide an opportunity for talented students, interested in writing creative texts on global topics that are relevant for modern teenagers. We are looking for those ones who want to be heard by society.

The project is led by a teacher of the Russian language and Literature, Aigerim Zhumatova; an English teacher, Lyazzat Nurzhanova; a teacher of the Kazakh language and Literature, Anara Yerbotina.

Following the policy of trilingual education at the International School of Nur-Sultan, articles are accepted in three languages.

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The contest “IB and I: my way to success” is announced.

Rules of the contest

T contest “IB and I: my way to success” is announced


“Young Writers” project started in September 2017-2018 academic year.

“Young Writers” is that high moral project that has found its place in the school life. It was implemented by the teacher and the students with the aim of increasing the respect of the young generation for languages.

The project “Young Writers” is an opportunity to create and learn a new framework for creativity.

The project gives students the opportunity to try on the role of an author, create their own story (fairy tale, short story, comic book, etc.), present their work to a readership, thereby attracting new potential writers and inspiring them with unusual stories and interesting characters; helping participants to discover their creative abilities and helping to identify talented and gifted students.

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The contest “Young writers” is announced.