Psychological service of the International School of Astana

According to the Model Regulations on the Psychological Service of the branches of the AEO “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools” approved by the decision of the Board of the AEO dated 09.09.2015 (Minutes No. 47), the main directions and content of the activities of the psychological service of the International School of Astana are determined:

  • 1. Psychological education
  • 2. Psychological prevention  
  • 3. Psychological diagnostics
  • 4. Psychological correction
  • 5. Advisory activities.
The Psychological Service TeamKaliyeva Nazerke Bagdatovna   Educator-psychologistMussabekova Marzhan Mukhamedkanovna   Educator-psychologistSarbassova Kүnsaya Kydyrbekkyzy   Educator-psychologist
Classes1A , 1B , 2A , 2B 3A , 3B , 4A , 4B 5A , 5B , 6A , 6B , 7A 7B , 8A , 8D , 9A 9D , 10A , 11A , 12A  1C,1D,1I,1F,1E,1G, 1H, 2C, 2D, 2E, 2F,2G,2H, 2I, 3C,3D,3E,3F,3G, 3H,4D,4H,4E,4G4C,4I, 4F,5C,5D,5E 5F,6C,6E,6D,6F 7D,7E ,7C,8C, 8E,9E 9D,9C,10B,10C 11C,11B,12B
Parents appointment schedule  Thursday 15.00-17.00  Tuesday 15.00-17.00  Wednesday 15.00-17.00    
Contacts  Kaliyeva _ N @ isa . nis . edu . kz Room 219      musabekova_m@isa.nis.edu.kz Room 219  sarbasova_k@isa.nis.edu.kz   Room 219

General recommendations of the psychologist to parents of our school:

Value the love of your child.

Allow your child autonomy of action and decision making.

When punishing or restricting, the child should know the reason.

Do not impose unreasonable prohibitions. It is in the child’s nature to be rebellious. What is strictly forbidden, very much wants to try.

Talk to your child more often. Remember that neither TV, nor gadgets, nor communication with the nanny will not replace you.

Develop a sense of humor. Learn to laugh at your weaknesses and let your child laugh with you.

Preferably your child should only hear positive things about the school and the teacher.

Childhood is a very short period, and there is so much to try before you become an adult. Give your child the opportunity to be one during childhood, otherwise the period of childhood will continue into adulthood!