The project "Young writers"

“Young Writers” project started in September 2017-2018 academic year.

“Young Writers” is that high moral project that has found its place in the school life. It was implemented by the teacher and the students with the aim of increasing the respect of the young generation for languages.

The project “Young Writers” is an opportunity to create and learn a new framework for creativity.

The project gives students the opportunity to try on the role of an author, create their own story (fairy tale, short story, comic book, etc.), present their work to a readership, thereby attracting new potential writers and inspiring them with unusual stories and interesting characters; helping participants to discover their creative abilities and helping to identify talented and gifted students.

The aim:


– To develop a sense of love for language and literature.

– To develop the creative abilities of students who speak three languages.

– To show readers that young writers are growing up among today’s generation.

– To promote new works written by students themselves.

– To promote the growth of a spiritually rich personality in the modern technological age.

Project objectives:

  1. To develop reading and writing skills based on the students’ creative cognitive representations through the Young Writers project.
  2. To increase students’ interest in writing their own literary works and to engage them in reading.
  3. To give students an opportunity to present their own works.

The best works in the Young Writers project:

– Will be awarded diplomas of degrees I, II, III.

– They will participate in an “Autograph Session” and be interviewed as authors.

– The best creative works will be included in the collection of the Young Writers project.

– Students’ works will be exhibited in the school’s library and will be available to the public.

– Works will be accepted in three languages.