Within the Conference, five speakers who highlighted a wide range of issues related to work-life balance and the development of artificial intelligence.

Within this project, teachers and students have the opportunity to share their useful and interesting ideas.

Thanks to an interesting presentation, the audience got acquainted with the basic principles of development AI learned what actions need to be done to avoid professional burnout.

With the student of ISA Yenlik Merey, we tried to reveal the meaning of the phrase “a real person”. Yes, there are more than 7 billion people, we are the same in appearance, but it becomes clear that the phrase also has a different meaning.

According to the speaker, “Being a human being is a whole vocation. This means that he must be brave, caring, etc. Such people can be immediately distinguished from others, they are somewhat different from the crowd of people and attract to themselves, and the IB profile helps to get all these qualities. To be a human being means not to stand aside when you see that someone has problems, to come to the rescue at the right moment and not to be indifferent to all living things.”
In conclusion, Yenlik added that it is the IB profile that really helps students and teachers to become “real” people.
In general, the conference was an inspiring experience that gave participants new knowledge and views.