“International School of Nur Sultan” the branch of “Nazarbayev Intellectual School” opened application for groups on a fee-paying base in Kazakh, English and Russian language of instruction and education for 2022-2023.


№ п\пCategory of learnersDuration of study (attendance of kindergarten)Resident of RKNonresident of RK
 Entrance fee for newly accepted pupils320 000320 000
1Preschool group   5-6 years (kaz/russ)9 months   (1 September  to 31 May)2 000 0003 170 000
2Preschool group   5-6 years (eng.)9 months (1 September  to 31 May)2 820 0003 170 000
3Older group   4-5 years11 months  (1 September  to 31 July)2 000 0003 170 000
4Middle group  3-4 years 11 months (1 September  tо 31 July)2 000 0003 170 000

*  Meals are included

 The first tranche of payment and entrance fee must be paid within 5 days after signing the contract

Address for application

str.Turkestan 32/1 c,Nur-Sultan. Tel. 8(7172)91-61-77

For detail. 87784182820, 8-708 650 80 11

Working hours. Monday – Friday 9.00-17.00. Lunch time break 13.00-14.00

To sign a contract with kindergarten, the applicants’ parents (legal representatives) must provide the following documents:

1. Application in electronic format, the form can be downloaded on the school’s website;

2. Identity card of parents (legal representatives);

3. A copy of the Applicant’s birth certificate to the School or a copy of the Applicant’s passport to the School (necessarily indicating the IIN);

After signing the contract, you need to prepare the following documents:

1. Health passport No. 026.

2. Vaccination card No. 063.

3. Analysis of feces for helminth eggs (worm eggs, helminth eggs).

4. Epidemiological certificate.

5. A copy of the Applicant’s birth certificate to kindergarten or a copy of the Applicant’s passport to School (necessarily indicating the IIN);

6. A copy of the identity card of the parents (legal representatives).

The reason for refusal to accept documents may be the absence of vacancies.

Note: The kindergarten is located at: str.E321  block 6/1, Yesilsky district,  c.Nur-Sultan.