Chess gives its positive effect to students’ mathematical abilities. This ancient game perfectly disciplines students. It teaches them to follow the progress of thoughts, builds a strategy to plan everything and to determine to go to the goal.


A creativity is a unique characteristic of an individual, which helps to live in a harmony with nature, to create avoiding damage, and to enrich without destruction. It is crucial to help kids to explore artists in themselves, to develop skills that will help them to become personalities, since a creative personality is a heritage for society.


Kazakh musical culture differs from other cultures with its independent-mindedness, sound, gentle, soulful melodies. Kui is a music, created in steppes. It is important to teach children how to play the dombyra, which will promote cultural heritage. 


An art of dance is a great mean for educating and developing little individuals. Dancing enhances our spiritual world, and helps a kid to become personality. Our teams have lots of cups, awards, and medals! Friendly and professional teachers will teach your child to have a sense of rhythm, artistry, ability to perform well in front of audience.


Zhetygen is an ancient national instrument of the Kazakh people. In ancient times, it was believed that it connects heaven and earth. It could be heard only in palaces, in front of a small group.