Admission stages to the International School of Astana.

  1. 1. Online registration;
  2. 2. Passing the entrance test;
  3. 3. Obtaining a result on passing or rejecting admission;
  4. 4. Handling over a personal file, medical documents and signing an agreement.

1. Online registration is available from April 3 until May 21, 2023 (inclusively).

Upon registration, parents are determined with the choice of the language of instruction and have the opportunity to participate in the competitive selection with only one selected language of instruction.

2. After completing online registration, registered candidates will be invited by e-mail to the entrance interview (for the 1st grades) or test (for grades 6-9) according to the selected class.

Period of the entrance interview June 5-8, 2023

Day of the entrance test – May 27, 2023

Announcement of results of interview – June 12, 2023 (for the 1st grades)

Announcement of results of test – June 8, 2023 (for grades 6-9)

3. Submission of personal and medical documents, and signing of an agreement with candidates recommended for enrollment from June 12 until June 30, 2023.

Note: All subsequent correspondence (invitation to a psychological and pedagogical interview, testing, and results of competitive selection) will be sent by e-mail.

For any questions, please contact by +7 (747) 022 45 29